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Brand Policy

Sep 23, 2019

These Rules apply to any licensee’s  use of Ripple’s word marks, design marks and similar intellectual property (the “Ripple brand assets”). By using or reproducing a Ripple brand asset each licensee (hereinafter referred to individually as “you”) is agreeing to abide by these Rules which form a binding agreement between you and Ripple. If you are using aRipple brand asset on behalf of a legal entity such as your employer, you represent that you have the authority to bind such entity, and the terms “you” or “your”shall include such entity. If you do not agree to these Rules, you are not authorized to use Ripple brand assets.

The Rules are intended to promote consistent use of the Ripple brand. This makes it easier for people to instantly recognize references to Ripple and related products and prevents market confusion. The Rules are also intended to protect the Ripple brand assets, which are Ripple’s valuable protected intellectual property. Ripple dedicates substantial resources to the development and protection of its intellectual property. In addition to seeking registration of its trademarks around the world, Ripple enforces its rights against people and companies that misuse its trademarks and Ripple brand assets. In following these Rules, you help Ripple protect its valuable trademark rights from dilution and disparagement while also strengthening the Ripple brand identity.

Ownership of Ripple Brand Assets

You acknowledge that Ripple is the sole and exclusive owner of all Ripple brand assets and derivatives thereof and that all goodwill derived from using any Ripple brand asset inures exclusively to the benefit of Ripple. You promise that you will not interfere with Ripple’s rights in the Ripple brand assets, including by challenging Ripple’s use, registration, or application to register any Ripple brand asset or by registering any Ripple brand asset (including any derivative form, and foreign translation or transliteration thereof) yourself anywhere in the world.

Usage Rights

Except for the limited right to use Ripple brand assets expressly permitted under these Rules, no other rights of any kind are granted hereunder, by implication or otherwise. You agree that you will not harm, misuse, or bring into disrepute any Ripple brand asset, including by using any Ripple brand asset in connection with any unlawful, scandalous or fraudulent activities. You agree to use Ripple brand assets in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulatory regimes. If your license agreement with Ripple provides you with specific trademark usage terms, please follow those terms. If your license agreement with Ripple does not provide usage terms, then follow these Rules. If you have any questions regarding these Rules, please contact

Authorized Use of Ripple Trademarks

1. Ripple Logos and Design: If you are authorized to use Ripple’s designs and logos in your agreement with Ripple then you must use the Ripple design and logos only as specified in your agreement (and any associated usage terms) and such use must always include appropriate terms that define the relationship authorized by your agreement (e.g., integrator, service provider, licensee, etc.). You must use images of Ripple’s logos and design marks as provided by Ripple, and you should not use Ripple logos, marks and images you may have found elsewhere on the web.

2. Compatibility and Referential Use: If you are using Ripple products and services you may use Ripple word marks in a referential manner on your website or in printed or electronic promotional/advertising materials to accurately describe that your product or service is compatible with or utilizes the referenced Ripple product or service. In using Ripple’s word marks in referential manner you must observe the following requirements:

(a) The Ripple word mark is not part of the name of your product or service.
(b) The Ripple word mark appears less prominent than the name of your product or service.
(c) Your product or service is in fact compatible with, or otherwise works with or uses, the referenced Ripple product or service.
(d) The reference to Ripple does not create a sense of endorsement, sponsorship, or false association with Ripple or Ripple products or services.
(e) Your use does not show Ripple or its products or services in a false or derogatory light.

3) Events and Publications: You may use a Ripple word mark in connection with events, seminars, conferences and articles (and related promotional materials) in a referential manner provided that you comply with the following requirements:

(a) Your use of a Ripple word mark in any title is less prominent than the rest of the title.

Acceptable: ABC Conference Regarding the Promise of Distributed Technologies and the Ripple Protocol.
(b) Your use reflects favorably on both Ripple and Ripple products and services.
(c) Your name and logo appear more prominently than the Ripple word mark on all printed and electronic materials advertising or marketing the article or event. To be clear, you may not present Ripple brand assets in a way that makes them the most distinctive or prominent feature of what you’re creating.
(d) Ripple logos may not be included without Ripple’s express written permission.
(e) In the event you have not entered into a sponsorship agreement with Ripple, a disclaimer of sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement by Ripple, similar to the following, is included on the publication and all related marketing materials: “This [SITE, POST, BLOG, ARTICLE, EVENT, ETC.] is independent of Ripple and has not been authorized, endorsed, sponsored or otherwise approved by Ripple or its affiliates.”
(f) A trademark attribution notice is included in a credit section giving notice of Ripple’s ownership of its trademarks.

Unauthorized Use of Ripple Brand Assets

1. No Trademark or Domain Name Registration: You may not register, in whole or in part, as a trademark, domain name or any Ripple brand asset or an alteration or derivative thereof. You may not use an identical or virtually identical Ripple trademark, in whole or in part, as a second level domain name.

Unacceptable: or

2. Company, Product, or Service Name: You may not use, in whole or in part, any Ripple brand asset, or an alteration or derivative thereof, as part of a company name, trade name, product name, or service name. For the avoidance of doubt, you may not combine any Ripple brand assets with your name, marks or generic terms.

3. Variations, or Derivatives: You may not modify Ripple brand assets in any way, such as by changing a design or color or adding words or elements. You cannot use a variation, phonetic equivalent, foreign language equivalent, takeoff or abbreviation of any Ripple brand assets for any purpose without Ripple’s express written permission.

4. Disparaging Manner: You may not use Ripple brand assets in a disparaging manner. You may not feature Ripple brand assets on materials associated with illegal activities (e.g., unlawful trades and fraudulent schemes).

5. Endorsement: You may not use Ripple brand assets in a manner that would imply Ripple’s affiliation with or endorsement, sponsorship, or support of your company or its activities, products or services. You may not use the Ripple brand assets in any way that would confuse others as to the relationship between you and Ripple or as to who offers your products or services.

6. Trade Dress: You may not imitate or make use of the layout or trade dress of Ripple’s websites, technology, products or advertising. You may not use any trademarks, names, domain names, logos, or other content that imitates or could be confused with Ripple.

7. Copyrights: You may not use any image or copyrighted materials on Ripple’s website, such as charts, graphs, and product descriptions or announcements without Ripple’s express written permission.

8. Slogans and Taglines: You may not use or imitate a Ripple slogan or tagline.

Style Guide and Rules for the Proper Use of Ripple Trademarks

1. Always spell and graphically represent Ripple’s trademarks exactly as they are shown in the Style Guide. Do not shorten or abbreviate Ripple brand assets. Do not make up names that contain Ripple brand assets.

2. The minimum clear space must be ½ the height of the Ripple triskelion in every direction. Try to maximize clear space whenever possible.

Proper Trademark Attribution

1. For uses in the United States, the appropriate trademark symbol (TM, SM or ®) should be included the first time the Ripple trademark appears in the text. For uses outside the United States do not use trademark symbols – instead use one of the following credit notices in your materials: (1) for registered marks: “__________ is a trademark of Ripple Labs Inc. registered in the United States and other countries” and (2) for unregistered marks: "__________ is a trademark of Ripple Labs Inc.”

2. For products or services distributed in the United States, include an attribution of Ripple’s ownership of its trademarks within the credit notice section of your product, product documentation, or other product communication: (1) for registered marks: “__________ and __________ are registered trademarks of Ripple Labs Inc.” and (2) for unregistered marks: "__________ and __________ are trademarks of Ripple Labs, Inc.”