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Style Guide


Jul 24, 2019
Runs on Ripple

Ripple provides one frictionless experience to send payments globally. As many of our customers look to further differentiate their payments product or service through association with our brand, we have created the Runs on Ripple partner mark — representing a higher standard of service through real-time payments.

This enables our customers to communicate their commitment to innovative technology and enhanced payments for their valued end customers.

Logo Specifications

What the Runs on Ripple mark conveys:
  • Trust and certainty
  • Speed and convenience
  • Direct international payments

The bold simplicity of the mark is meant to symbolize the key traits above. It is important to follow the guidelines in this document to communicate these benefits with consistency.

Runs on Ripple Logo Kit

Requirements for usage

The following is required to use the Runs on Ripple partner mark:

  • Sign Runs on Ripple license agreement
  • Adhere to placement and usage guidelines in this document
  • Gain approval from the Ripple brand team

Co-Branding Guidelines

Using the Runs on Ripple mark

Consistent, accurate reproduction of the Runs on Ripple partner mark is essential on all promotional materials. Do not alter the logo in any way other than what is provided by the Ripple brand team.