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Style Guide


Jan 8, 2021

Ripple has a simple, trustworthy color palette. Leading with a bold blue followed by slate blues and complementary grays, the core palette is limited and focuses on conveying confidence and clarity. The core palette will cover the majority of your needs.

Primary Color Palette

Our primary color palette is sophisticated, light, clean, simple and trustworthy. The primary Ripple color palette is to be used for all brand purposes. Ripple blue gradient is preferred, but when it cannot be used, use Blue-3 instead. The Background Navy is used as a background color only for our presentation dark theme and illustrations. Please use Black-100 for all other purposes. The grayscale colors are all within our primary color palette.

Secondary Color Palette

Secondary colors can be used to creative visual hierarchy when needed. These colors should be used sparingly and meaningfully to keep an overall sophisticated and clean appearance.

Product Color Palette

The product color palette was built for product design use only. The colors are used to help establish visual hierarchy and determine actions within RippleNet’s user interface.


The Ripple primary blue gradient can be used universally across web, digital and print. Gradients with secondary colors should only be used for internal and talent brand projects, such as: Splash, Careers, IDP, etc.

Color Ratio

Ripple blue colors are one of the most important brand elements. When creating designs, use the Ripple Blue Gradient or one of the primary blue color to accent or highlight designs.