Employee Resource Group Logos

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Style Guide

Employee Resource Group Logos

Jan 11, 2021

These are the guidelines for the Ripple Employee Resource Group logos at Ripple. The Employee Resource Group logos and visual systems were created to uniquely and authentically represent each individual group, while also working as a cohesive system. When creating communications or designs for these groups you must follow these guidelines to help us maintain an appropriately consistent Ripple look and feel across all groups and communications.

Click here (Ripple-only) to access the Employee Resource Group logos.

Clear Space & Minimum Sizing

When using the Employee Resource Group logo(s) with other visual elements make sure to keep enough minimum clear space around it. Use the width of 1 triskelion (1w) as a base measure to create distance from other text or graphic elements. Never make logo smaller than than 1.675” inches or 120 pixels in width.

Minimum Clear Space: Maintain 1/2 width of the triskelion mark around logo.
Minimum Size: 1.675 inches / 120 pixels in width.

Color Usage

There are the four primary color options to be used across all materials. To ensure maximum contrast, always consider the background to which the logo will be applied.

Use .SVG or .PNG as the default file format to support transparency and lossless image quality.

Full Color: For use on light backgrounds
Full color: For use on dark background

One Color: For use on light backgrounds where only one color is permitted.
One Color: For use on backgrounds where the logo color may clash with the background.

Woman at Ripple Triskelion

In addition to each Employee Resource Group logo, a triskelion that uses the groups color pattern has been developed for use in communications. When using this triskelion design element, the [Group Name] at Ripple logo, or the Ripple corporate logo, must also appear in the design. Please contact the Visual Design Team through #design on Slack with questions about specific use cases.

The Women at Ripple triskelion and Ripple logo should always be shown together.

Color Palette

The Employee Resource Group logos have been developed with a specific set of colors unique 
to each group. When developing specific collateral please use the Ripple primary color palette.

If there is a need to add more color, do so by introducing photography. Communicate with 
the Visual Design Team through #design on Slack for assistance in selecting on-brand photo assets.


The Ripple design language relies heavily on typography to communicate effectively. Click here to learn more and download the approved Ripple typefaces.