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Style Guide


Sep 23, 2019
Imagery Is a Powerful Tool to Communicate Ripple’s Brand Values.

When using illustration and photography, choose images that are simple, elegant, fluid, bold and futuristic. Always use images that is relevant to the purpose of the content and context.


Our Ripple blue is one of the most recognizable aspects of our brand identity. Try to include our Ripple blue in our imagery so that our viewers recognize our brand even if our logo is not in the image.

Tip: Use a neutral background (white, black, gray, beige) and incorporate our blue as an accent color. It’s easier to find a concrete background or white wall in everyday environments than the Ripple blue in our specific Pantone color.


When choosing photos of people, it is important you are inclusive, diverse and respectful. Photos should document an experience for the customers or employees in an authentic manner. Our customers are financial institutions. Choose photos of individuals that look ambitious, confident, forward-looking and professional.

Where to Find Images

Individuals look engaged and blue is present in the imagery.
The individual looks confident, hopeful and professional.

This image shows employees engaged in an authentic manner.
The image shows an authentic reflection of our customer.

Never squish our images. Adhere to their aspect ratio.
Never pixelate our images. Always use the highest resolution you can find.