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Style Guide


May 18, 2020

Partner Logomark Specifications

Spacing and Alignment

Use the width of 1 Ripple mark (1w per diagram below) as a measure. For alignment, pay attention to the x-height and the baseline, the top and bottom of the “r” in “ripple”, respectively.

Line Separator

Height: 2w
Thickness: 1/20w (round up to next full pixel/point)
Padding: 1w on each side
Color: Black-90 (#23292F)


The Runs on Ripple partner lockup must have a clearspace of 0.5w around the art. Partner lockup should clearly stand alone from other text, graphics or design elements.

Creating a Lockup

There are 2 categories for lockups, Horizontal Side-by-Side and Vertical Stacked. Use one of the sizing options below:

Flowchart for Creating Horizontal Side-by-Side Lockups

Horizontal Side-by-Side Lockup Examples:
Wide logo with icon and text
Wide logo with text only
Square logo

Flowchart for Creating Vertical Stacked Lockups

Vertical Stacked Lockup Example:
Width and thickness is similar to horizontal lockups (2w and 1/20w, respectively)

Color Usage

When using full color artwork, the Ripple triskelion (icon) should always appear in Ripple gradient blue. The Ripple triskelion should never appear in colors other than Ripple gradient blue, or blue, black or white.

Video End Card (16:9)

• Vertically quarter the video screen to define grid
• Align lockup baseline to the center line
• Align supporting text baseline to the top of the lowest quartile