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Style Guide

Ripple Logo

May 5, 2021

This is the official logo for Ripple. Ripple® is a trademark of Ripple. Use of the Ripple trademark and logo must comply with these Rules. Click here to access the Ripple Brand Kit with approved logos and fonts.

The Triskelion

This is the triskelion, which is a registered trademark of Ripple. Use of the Ripple triskelion must comply with these Rules.

How to Position the Triskelion in a Shape

When using the triskelion in a shape, pay attention to its positioning in the shape. The visual guidelines here illustrate proper positioning.

Use geometric center when placing the triskelion in a circular shape. Don’t use the bounding box of the logomark, which will make the triskelion appear towards the right.
Offset triskelion to the left in square shapes. Do not rely on the bounding box of the icon.

Using the Triskelion on Its Own

The triskelion logomark cannot be used alone without the full Ripple logo present. If design constraints do not permit the use of the Ripple logo, seek approval from the brand team to use the logomark alone.

The triskelion and full Ripple logo is present and can be seen together.
The triskelion cannot be used alone without the full Ripple logo accompanying it.

The full Ripple logo is present.
The triskelion cannot be used alone. Please use the full Ripple logo.

Special Use Cases

The triskelion can be used as a container for special use cases like the employee resource groups. Please reach out to the brand design team for any custom design work using the triskelion.

Triskelion modified for Pride Employee Resource Group
Triskelion modified for LatinX Employee Resource Group

Ripple Logo Colors
Preferred: Gradient Ripple Logo

2-Color Ripple Logo

Ripple Logo on Backgrounds: Do’s

These colored variations of the Ripple Logo are provided to set against most backgrounds. Use the appropriate variation as shown here.

The regular logo can only be used on light backgrounds.
Use logo with white text on neutral dark background.

On colored backgrounds use the full white logo.
Make sure to give the logo enough negative space on imagery.

Ripple Logo on Backgrounds: Don’ts

Inappropriate examples of the colored variations of Ripple’s logo are illustrated here. These examples are merely illustrative and not exhaustive.

The dark logotype can only be used on light backgrounds.
The light logotype can only be used on dark backgrounds

Don’t use the logo on colored backgrounds aside from the Ripple blues.
The logo must have enough contrast to the background.Don’t put the logo on complex backgrounds.

Ripple Logo Clearance

Give the Ripple logo enough surrounding clearance when you place it alongside other logos or visuals. Make sure to adjust the placement of the logo optically.

The logo should have the clearance of half the width of the triskelion logomark.
Properly framed logo

Ripple Logo Lockup

This is the only lockup you can use.
The Triskelion can only be used by itself in direct context with the company (e.g. diagrams, profile pictures).

You can’t change the way the triskelion and the wordmark are combined.
You can’t use the logotype by itself.

Inappropriate Usage

Please do not alter or change the Ripple logo in any way. The following examples illustrate inappropriate usage of the Ripple logo. These are not exhaustive and merely illustrative.

Do not put “fun” effects on any visual brand materials
Do not tighten tracking of our logotype.

Do not change the orientation of the mark
Do not change the color of the mark

Do not center align the logotype and mark.
Do not stretch or skew

Do not rotate the mark
Do not change the angle of the baseline when presenting logotype.

Discontinued Logos
The old ripple logo, has a central gradient with muted colors and the font looks denser compared to the new logo.
Do not use Ripple Labs branding at anytime.