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Brand Items


Jul 12, 2019

Artwork Approval Process

All brand items will be designed using this guide, in a collaboration between a team lead and our vendor, Social Imprints. Each final design must be approved by a member of the design team.

Using the Ripple Logo

If using only the triskelion, the Ripple logo has to be present somewhere in the design. Never use only the wordmark.

Color Pairing Guide

When you’re selecting an item to design, pair colors as closely as possible using this guide. The color pairs in the preferred category should be prioritized. Secondary use colors should only be used if primary use pair colors are unavailable.



Silkscreen v. Embroidery

If the item is using silkscreen, please use the gradient. If the item is using embroidery, please use the 2-color. Each custom swag item has it’s own rules. Please follow accordingly.

Gradient colors: PMS 229 C, PMS 2387 C
Workmark color: PMS 423 C

Embroidery (2-Color)
2-Color: PMS 2173 C
Wordmark color: PMS 423 C

Team Name

Team names should use the Circular Bold in all caps. Tracking must be spaced at 100. Line leading is +4 points more than the type size. Team names can be in white, black, gray and the Ripple blue gradient. Color should follow the pairing guide dependent upon the color of the garment or item. Long term names have the option to be in one line or two lined left-aligned and center-aligned depedending on where it is placed on the garment or item. Always use the Metrics setting for kerning (in Adobe Creative Suite).

One Line in Black

Two Lines Left-Aligned in Gradient