About the Triskelion

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About the Triskelion

Jul 19, 2019

Golden Ratio

Inspired by the golden ratio, the Ripple logomark shares the same geometric proportions that have fascinated mathematicians for over 2,400 years. Many famous 20th-century artists including Le Corbusier and Dalí also modeled their works after the golden ratio. 

Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci sequence builds upon the golden ratio. Applications of the Fibonacci sequence include algorithms that help interconnect distributed systems. These patterns are inherent in nature and can be seen in pine cones, artichokes and sunflowers. 

Network of Networks

The Ripple logomark is a simplified network structure of three joined nodes, representing distributed computing architecture. Similar to the internet connecting networks of information, Ripple connects networks of value.


The Ripple logomark is called the triskelion. Historically, a triskelion is a motif consisting of three interlocked spirals. In ancient art around the world, the triskelion suggests rotational symmetry, movement and perpetuity.


The logomark combines the elements of math, nature, history and interconnectivity to serve as the foundational symbol for Ripple.