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Jul 11, 2019

In order to operate as a customer-first business, it's important to define and understand who are customers are. By segmenting our customer base into different categories based on their use cases and needs, we are also able to grow more efficiently, create targeted messaging, and improve our product and services.



By breaking down our buyers into different types, we're able to clarify what our target customer types are.


Buyer types can further be broken down into segments, which allow us to alter messaging based on needs of our target customers.

Emerging Senders are still early on in building their crossborder offering. This customer has a subscale business and forming new connection points and corridors is of primary focus. It approaches its business, product and marketing activities as a startup would -- scrappy, but highly effective in getting to market fast.

Established Senders are more advanced in their growth cycle, having established corridors in which it operates; however, growth is still very much the primary focus. This customer looks to “modernize” existing corridors and connection points and, in doing so, transform cross-border payments to better its business.

Receivers play the critical and foundational role of any network by receiving payments. Generally, this customer is willing to disrupt its existing business or open up new corridors. The Receivers are also focused on growth; however, this is routed in capturing inbound flows.


Thinking about buyer personas helps us understand individual motivations and experiences with Ripple.

End Users


By breaking down our end users into different types, we're able to understand our buyers' customers, who will use Ripple as well.


Thinking about end user personas helps us understand individual motivations and experiences with Ripple.

To learn more about our customer profiles, view this product marketing deck.